Dear Friends,

Welcome to Getting Your Groove On: 10 Kick Ass Ways to Super Charge Your Life. I would like to ask that you consider the following questions before you read any further.
  • Do you feel that no matter what you do there is never enough energy to get you through the day?
  • Ever feel that there is something more out there for you, you’re just not sure what that more is?
  • Are you surrounded by people and things that drain your energy?
  • Does fear stop you from taking chances or going after what you really want?
  • Does the concern of what others think hold you back from being who you wish to be or doing what you wish to do?
I swear that I’m not trying to sound like a cheesy infomercial with my questions. My purpose and goal is to support YOU in super charging your life so that not only do you have more energy, but you are able to…

… achieve your dreams

… remove the obstacles that block your flow and stand in your way

… create tools to handle the stressful, gloomy days

… strenthen your confidence and

… have more fun.

This 10 week e-course is my gift to you. There is no financial obligation on your part; I only ask for two things in exchange:

  • 1) That you fully commit to you. You will get from this e-course what you put in to it.
  • 2) That you share this e-course with those you feel could benefit from a little more energy and groove in their life. (This e-course is fun when done alone, but it is super charging fun when done with people you care about it!)
So if you are ready to get your groove on and be super charged, please take two seconds to enter your name and e-mail address in the sign up form below. You have my word that your details will NOT be shared or sold to ANYONE!!

Here is to more fun, more energy, and groovin’ possibilities!

Much Love and Peace to YOU,


P.S. Please note this is a self-paced e-course delivered weekly to your e-mail inbox.

Course Outline

Week 1 Dare to Dream and Dream BIG; Saying “hello” to your visions and dreams.

Week 2 FEAR = “False Evidence Appearing Real”; Where fear comes from and how to deal with it.

Week 3 Have You Hugged Your Self Doubter Today?; Using your self doubter as an ally as opposed to your enemy.

Week 4 Kicking the Funk to The Curb; Dealing with those moody blue days.

Week 5 Bulldozing Barriers, Walls, and Other Related Obstacles; Making room for the good stuff.

Week 6 Love Thy Self; Creating goodness from the inside out.

Week 7 Energy Vampires Be Gone; Tips for protecting your valuable energy.

Week 8 Who Cares What Others Think; No more being held hostage by others’ thoughts.

Week 9 With Childlike Enthusiasm and Curiosity; Finding fun and approaching situations from a different perspective

Week 10 Break Out the Balloons and the Streamers; The importance of celebrating.

Course Outline

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